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CicarboTM Graphene

At Celtig, we like to think of ourselves as “the green graphene company.” All of our production technology is developed around environmentally friendly processes which are highly energy efficient, zero emission, carbon-neutral, acid-free, zero chemical discharge, and do not involve surfactants, toxic chemicals, or oxidation/reduction chemistry. In short, our processes do not harm the environment in any way, shape, or form. This is in stark contrast to other graphene production companies that use caustic organic solvents, strong acids or bases, carcinogenic surfactants, and high temperature processes that are highly energy inefficient and leach toxic chemicals that ultimately find their way into the ecosystem. Thus we are quite proud of our technology, which truly sets us apart from other industrial-scale graphene producers.

On this page you will find a wealth of information regarding the wonderful properties of graphene and a discussion of the potential applications of this amazing new material. More detailed information regarding new, groundbreaking applications can be found on our Graphene in the News and Research Highlights pages. Also presented below is detailed information regarding the characterization and technical specifications of Celtig’s flagship product, CicarboTM Graphene Nanomaterials, which is currently available in three different grades: Electronics & Optics, Materials, and Nanocomposites grades. Each grade is engineered to the minimum technical specifications that are essential to particular applications in a wide variety of industries, keeping in mind the relevant price points for economical adoption within the applicable markets. A general information sheet and detailed technical specifications for each grade can be found using the menu to the right. Safety Data Sheets for each grade are also available.