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parternershipCeltig is not a typical manufacturing enterprise. Although we are a fully functional producer of high quality graphenic materials, we pride ourselves on our primary mission, which goes far beyond simply manufacturing a product and turning it into profit. We want to revolutionize the way the world operates on a daily basis by leading innovation in the introduction of graphene and related products to new processes and technology enabling the development of enhanced applications of structural and functional materials.  

Celtig is primarily an academically driven company. All of our founders are academicians who started this business because we love science and want to bring graphene technology out into the real world rather than leave it on the university laboratory workbench. To do this requires a commitment to working with relevant industries to enable them to adopt graphene technology as efficiently and parternship utkeconomically as possible into their downstream applications. To this end, we are constantly searching to form new partnerships with industry in order to study real applications at the manufacturing scale.  By selling graphene to industries without guidance, we feel that the prospects for widespread adoption of graphene technology will be greatly retarded. We want to partner with industry to study their applications of interest and help them develop new and improved products. Arbitrarily adding graphene into materials or products is very unlikely to yield great results; novel applications need to be developed using sound research principles that are directed by strong academic groups and/or top tier industrial research enterprises. Our partnership with the University of Tennessee in Knoxville allows us to leverage the University’s huge internal investment in research infrastructure to study real-world applications of novel graphene technology with highly trained PhD students and postdoctoral researchers using state-of-the-art materials characterization and analysis instrumentation on a scale unavailable to industrial R&D enterprises. In a nutshell, Celtig seeks industrial partners with whom we can work in tandem not only to develop new applications of graphene technology, but to actually understand the physics that graphene imparts to new products so that its impact can be maximized. As a bonus, we would like to think that we have somehow contributed in a small way to revolutionizing the way in which billions of people go about their daily lives.

oukeCeltig is currently partnered with a growing number of international corporations studying the application of graphene to very specific projects of industrial interest. These partnerships have very specific goals. Without a sound research plan and infrastructure, and knowing exactly what you want, it is very unlikely that you will be able to find it. Therefore, first one needs to know what is needed. A typical project begins with a challenge such as this: I want to reduce the weight percentage of carbon fiber added to my polymer resin by 50% while increasing the failure strain by 15%. That is an objective that is very specific and reasonable. Now, getting there is the difficult part. That takes research, and research takes labor, materials, and equipment.  As partners, we provide the graphene and laboratory testing instrumentation, whereas our corporate partners supply the resins, fibers, and industrial scale processing facilities. We pass information back and forth. We both put something in, and hopefully we both get something out at the end that was worth the investment.

partnershipsAt Celtig, we are eager to add new partners who are willing to work with us to explore the vast frontier of graphene technology, and we are backing up this pledge with our time and money. At present, there is no way of knowing where this new material called graphene will find its niche in the world of industrial materials, but at Celtig we are believers that this amazing new material can truly revolutionize the world. Otherwise, we would not be investing so much our time and energy pursuing this dream of making the world a better and more efficiently operating place in which to live.

If you would like to discuss potential applications of graphene technology, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you.